TetraMap® sustains learning for 5 years!

Case Study with Wellington Recreation Business Unit, WCC, NZ 2008

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city. The opening statement on its City Council website reads, Wellington is a vibrant city with a thriving cultural life, talented people, and cutting-edge businesses. Known as the arts and events capital of New Zealand, the city has an abundance of recreation and leisure opportunities.

Feeling Great! is one of Wellington City Council’s key initiatives within theRecreation Business Unit. TetraMap was introduced to the business unit over 5 years ago – and remains at the heart of the unit’s commitment to people, planet, fiscal responsibility and the Council’s legacy in supporting this thriving city.

Jamie Delich – Manager, Recreation Wellington has been in the role for 6 years. He reflects the ‘quiet achiever’ energy that’s taken Wellington recreation to new heights for all citizens of this great city. In a recent interview Jamie explained how TetraMap has been a central tool for developing his business unit. Initially TetraMap helped to build a great management team, then a clear business plan, and finally, training for all front line staff in providing inspiring customer service.

So WHY did TetraMap® make such a difference, and HOW has it been sustained for so long?

Jamie explains…
Starting with the Senior Management Team of 6, TetraMap really helped us understand ourselves and each other. We looked at preferences, strengths and motivations before we moved on to review our mission, vision and values.

We were challenged to ‘walk the talk’ as a leadership team, do the things we believed in and align this with the goals for our organisation. The personal development was invaluable. Next we got the wider Leadership Team of 30 involved. This team also learned more about us, themselves, and each other before we prepared our business plan.

The TetraMap of Planning, ‘Why Are We Doing This?’ gave a simple structure to follow.

The event was engaging and fun, yet very productive and comprehensive. We all had an enjoyable time learning. We produced a plan that everyone bought into, consisting of 4 TetraMap focus areas: outputs, systems, culture and image.

The final initiative was to use TetraMap to look at our customer service strategies and philosophies. We ran a series of workshops titled ‘The Customer Comes Third’. The key principles here were to:

• First: know and understand yourself
• Second: look at your team – getting all to work inter-dependently
• Third: develop the skills, tools and awareness you need to provide GREAT customer service.

When people feel good about themselves and the contribution they make – they’re much better able to make customers feel great about what we do and the services we provide. A simple message, but one that really hit home.

So HOW has this learning been sustained since 2005?

The level of engagement was so high initially that it was very easy for us carry on. We have quarterly meetings and often use the framework that TetraMap provided us with to brainstorm new projects or challenges. ‘TetraMapping’ has become second nature to many of the management team, and as new people join, we teach them about it too. The Four Elements are a fun and less threatening way of identifying individuals’ styles and behaviour, helping us to put effective teams together.

It’s a great way to introduce people to what we do and talk about how we like to work – and they can do the same. The business plan is on one page – so it’s really straightforward for new staff members to see where they fit into the big picture at Recreation Wellington.

Each year we go through the same business planning process. We review last year’s plan, update our vision and then determine our new goals and tasks. Then, this plan gets shared with everyone through their Managers. I can honestly say the return on investment for my unit has been superb.

We have such a diverse workforce, with incredibly different skills, roles and challenges. ‘FEELING GREAT’ is not just our strap line – it’s how our team at Recreation Wellington behaves.

TetraMap has played a big part in helping us achieve that. Thanks !

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