Has your Workplace Lost its Spark?

Is team moral affecting productivity? As a business owner and employer does it feel that all your efforts to grow the business is being jeopardized and undone by some team members’ behaviour?

At last… there is a proven and cost effective solution. Here’s how you can get the Spark back in your Team and Productivity flowing…. TetraMap takes the mystery out of individual and team behaviour. It creates a fresh look at people’s behavioural differences in a positive light. Using a simple and effective instrument participants gain an understanding of their own preferred style and how this influences their role at work and relationship with others. Teams discover new ways of communicating that build a stronger and more efficient unit. Those who had previously experienced difficulty gain a new awareness of how, with a different approach, communication becomes easy and teams develop synergy. The leadership model delves deeper, develops the TetraMap process further demonstrating deliberate and powerful leadership, key to sustaining efficient teams. Risk FREE Guarantee: We guarantee workshop outcomes. If for some reason you are not satisfied that the workshop meets the agreed outcomes , Action Stations will offer an additional session at no extra charge.

Our team is mobile throughout NZ. Geo-Dome Team Challenge

At Action Stations we understand that “return on investment” is important and you having confidence in this TetraMap programme actually delivering on creating dynamic and tangible results for your business. So let‟s book a Discovery Call and have a personal chat: Oh and by the way, zero sell policies. That means there will be no forced closures on the call, we really will be having a Discovery Call. A Discovery Call – just exploring where you are at, where you want to get to, answer your questions about the TetraMap programme.

Frequently asked questions:-

Why do some teams gel while others don’t?

TetraMap is a powerful tool that gives understanding as to why we behave the way we do and how these differences contribute to building positive working relationships and productive happy teams.

Are there hitch-hikers on your team? Is the workload evenly shared?

TetraMap creates a conducive environment that allows individuals to articulate their needs while appreciating overall responsibilities and needs of others. The process creates an awareness that changes attitudes, and encourages team balance.

Why are some individuals responsive one day and reluctant the next?

TetraMap is a behavioural tool that looks at “why people behave the way they do”. TetraMap builds on levels of awareness to solve issues that may have previously had a negative impact on yourself and your team.

Is your team performance inconsistent?

TetraMap examines how individuals best combine to create a dynamic team delivering consistent results.

Are some individuals reluctant to buy into the big picture goals?

The TetraMap process provides insights into individual personalities and their responsibility in building a powerful team unit. This calls on personal accountability, ownership and self –leadership.

Do you find that procedures are ignored, creating confusion, adding to work load and possible client dissatisfaction?

The TetraMap process enables a better listening and willingness to enhance how individuals best represent their company and provide customers with a consistent high quality service or product.

Does your leadership model struggle to being out the best in your team?

The TetraMap process gives insights into leadership styles and what’s best for your team.

“Why did I bother turning up” Is this the sentiment of some of your staff after attending meetings?

TetraMap gives you the tools to facilitate informative and inspiring meetings. No more wasting time, energy or talent. No more sighs, rolling eyeballs, finger pointing, excuses, people wandering in or running late, rambling and time wasting, topics that could have been covered personally by email, or staff noticeboards?

STOP! and start to create meetings that Inform and Inspire. TetraMap gives you the tools to facilitate informative and inspiring meetings. No more wasting time, energy or talent!

Our programmes address common criticism of many team building programmes:

1) The behavioural profile tool is too complex – you can’t remember your own profile combination let along any of your team members.

Our customers comment on how easy and quick the TetraMap tool is – 3 hours is all it takes – and they can remember what their colleagues profiles are too!

2) Now that I know what my profile is what next, how do I apply it?

Our programme gives you tips and tools on how you can communicate effectively for win/ win results.

3) Team building is just an expensive fun day out with no transferable and lasting change of behaviours into the reality of your workplace.

Not with our programmes with the critical component of TetraAction Challenges and TetraDebriefing. This links the newly enhanced behavioural awareness with performance in the workplace.

Oh and by the way, zero sell policies. That means there will be no forced closures on the call, we really will be having a Discovery Call. A Discovery Call – just exploring where you are at, where you want to get to, answer your questions about the TetraMap programme.

Sheree Camilleri

Sheree Camilleri

Sheree Camilleri is a serial entrepreneur who left her safe comfortable and secure government job with housing provided and bought her first business at aged 23 in the highly competitive Early Childcare Industry. This suited her entrepreneurial free spirit after experiencing a dramatically contrasting lifestyle in the Navy for three years (the navy was relived too of her departure, as this spirit often landed her in getting charged with insubordination and on toilet scrubbing duties with a toothbrush!)

To fund the purchase and to manage her cash flow effectively she moved into a caravan with her 6 month old baby and still remembers lying awake at night in that cold and damp caravan wondering what the heck she had been thinking!

However she transformed that business and went on to sell it for 7x what she paid for it and then went on to create a nationwide Early Childcare business and developed two further businesses.

Two breaks from entrepreneurial ship saw these business skills being utilised as a business advisor for community/ not for profit and private businesses, and as a Health and Safety Inspector for the Department of Labour.

As a business owner leading teams, directed Sheree into a journey of seeking further understanding of human behavior. This was the motivation for training as a Certified TetraMap facilitator and a Diploma in Adult Teaching.

Contribution to society is a value demonstrated by Sheree and was the motivation behind obtaining a Diploma in Social Practice. This led to contributing to community development and social work in the area of Domestic Violence.

The ability to lead and inspire team members is a key attribute of successful business leaders. Sheree is in the final phase of an internationally recognised Coaching Certification thorough the International Coaching Federation.

With her combined business and academic experience Sheree understands the problems, challenges and risks associated with being a business owner and at times the lost dreams and visions once seen by owners. She is able to work with business owners to clearly identify their Definition of Success, Breakthrough their Barriers and Create Winning Strategy to Achieve the Success and Lifestyle they Desire.

While the pace of modern life rapidly speeds up, the values that drive Sheree’s life and business strategy may seem quaint and old fashioned to some but are the cornerstones of success that have propelled her in times of ease and plenty and have offered steadfast determination during testing times.

The Values of:

Sheree also enjoys a fulfilling life, enjoying the lifestyle that Tauranga has to offer with her partner and four children.

Curious to check out your Behavioural Style?

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