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One of our core focuses at Action Stations is to help business owners and managers take their team on a unique corporate training experience that will challenge and stretch them. This results in effective and lasting change to behaviour in the workplace and increased in passion in their work place. We want your team to demonstrate interdependency, develop accountability to one another and help create a work environment where synergistic, highly productive results are the expectations. This creates a sustainable business.

To do this, we have a unique corporate training process which addresses the reasons why certain behaviours may be blocking productive workflow. This starts with identifying the behaviour of individuals in your team to gain insight into why they operate like they do and how this impacts on their work and relationships in the workplace. This results in greater awareness of one another and leads to the reduction of misunderstandings and conflict. We then build on this knowledge by applying it in a practical team challenge session which is guaranteed to result in much laughter and FUN! These challenges are fun and interactive learning experiences targeted specifically to suit your team’s capabilities and “desire for stretch – or not” – physically.

The Action Stations team is mobile, so these corporate training programmes can be delivered at your place of work or preferred location and venue.To ensure your business is reaping all the benefits of your training session, we can customise further sessions that integrate your learning and our unique training processes throughout your company’s leadership, goals, vision, culture, customer service, sales and planning.

At Action Stations we understand that ‘return on investment’ and ‘what is in it for me’ is a factor in your decision making and so would like to meet with you and show how we can create something that is dynamic and gets tangible results for your business.

This is a FREE no obligation meeting where we discuss your team’s key challenges and what you wish to achieve, so a customised proposal can be developed for you. Within a week we you will receive your programme outline and investment options.

For a more productive workplace with more enthusiastic team members think Action Stations.

Our number is 07 574 9622 or you can email us on info@actionstations.co.nz to discuss your requirements.