AstraZeneca World Leader in Pharmaceuticals

MISSION – Making the most meaningful difference to patient health through great medicines.

‘Innovation is more than research’

At AstraZeneca, success and lasting legacy are measured by the extent to which they are able to make a contribution to patient health. With over 67,000 employees world-wide, not everyone can be expected to make a major medical breakthrough or a ground breaking scientific discovery. Yet EVERY team member is expected to make innovations within their own sphere of influence, and take personal responsibility for developing a customer centric organisation. This includes taking responsibility for their own behaviour, actions and impact on others. Our success is based on a commitment to discovery, finding new ideas that are inspired by life and which in turn help to inspire the lives of our stakeholders.

‘TetraMap – A powerful tool that catalysed positive change’

The UK is a major hub of AstraZeneca where 55% of world-wide employees are based. Their Learning and Development Team wanted a framework to help them meet the challenges of supporting Leaders to take on the change in behaviour and culture the business needed.

AZ’s UK Learning Resource Centre Manager comments…

“ As the culture change started to happen we noticed an increased demand for personal awareness and team development workshops from business leaders who wanted help to take their teams on this journey. We looked for a tool that reflected our business goals, but that also had powerful messages about responsibility, inter-dependence and synergy. TetraMap was perfect.” It aligned wholly with our company values, business needs and the learning culture within the organisation. It was also very cost effective, as our in-house L&D team were trained to facilitate TetraMap themselves. ‘We needed to challenge people to think and behave as ‘one team’ rather than as many different departments. That’s not easy as we have over 7000 people at just one of our sites, and individuals ranging from scientists, doctors and researchers to sales people, accountants and receptionists.  

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